We can make a huge change in our circle. When we start making that change, it will have a ripple effect eventually. We may not see it in the short term. parents are easier to convince. Here is why….

Bandana Surana
3 min readAug 23, 2021

As schools and parents' mindset is so fixed to board exams and scoring 90% with teachers focussing on syllabus completion and continuous assessments, where is the chance to implement the ideas put forth by NEP… Every Education Policy had prophesied radical changes and since Independence for the last 75 years, we are still clinging to British Approach. Even Cambridge International Examinations had radically changed their curriculum. We lack something very seriously, I think.

It all starts with a simple question.

Why should I do this?

Is there a better way to do it?

These two questions helped me learn what I need may ask for marks, exams, syllabus, etc. They may also compare what we do at our school to other schools. But, when we deal with education the way we are supposed to, they notice the changes in their kids, the way children think and act. So, no one ever comes and questions.

In order to get to that state, schools have to establish their domain authority. Both the leaders and teachers in the school have to earn the parent's trust.

If you want to destroy a country, you don’t need missiles or atom bombs, you just need to provide poor quality education. You just need to let the children cheat in the exams. The country will automatically destroy itself because….

1. Patients will die at the hands of these poor-quality doctors.

2. Buildings will collapse because of the poor quality engineers.

3. We lose wealth because of poor quality economists

First our perception need to be changed-

  1. Stop comparing children through the marks gained
  2. Giving the same choice to all but not judging their way of arriving at the conclusions
  3. Helping the child accordingly, whoever required more help.
  4. The assurance a teacher can provide to the Children, that “ I’m your helper, I’m your source for your growth”.
  5. This will automatically help Children lose the fear and gain concentration and interest in their academics.
  6. Parent counsellings need to be done regularly as Parents are the ones who fear society and their child’s position in society so seriously, that a child gets pressure from the school as well as the parents. As an educator our perception should strongly believe the changes we are going to implement, then only the system can be changed. Parents get automatically tuned. Obviously few Parents never change as ranks and grade dominate their minds. They remain exceptions. this can become a scary thought because now we have to question ourselves, our practices. It’s easy to pass the buck to someone instead of keeping it to ourselves. To establish our domain authority in the field, first, we need to really become those domain authorities. We need to know why we do each and everything the way we do. We need to have a convincing argument to support what we are following. As leaders, we need to convince our teachers first.

But, are the teachers ready to learn? The most important question a leader face is…. Why should I do all of this hard work?

I strongly agree that it is all doable. Leaders and teachers should have the intention to do it. They shouldn’t be afraid of putting in the hard work..

When parents see the change, they will think twice before coming and questioning schools. Even if they come and question us, we have an answer because we have already thought through it.

Most importantly, if someone asks a question that we didn’t know the answer for, do we have the candor to say that I don’t know and I will look into it and get back to you.

The exceptions are the people who take longer to get convinced. They need to see that everyone else took the path and it is totally safe. Then only do they take that path? Just like some children need more help, they also will need more help. As more and more schools move away from it, they also will get convinced. But, a very long way to go.



Bandana Surana

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