Whats your opinion - Should Training be seen as a Job , Edupreneurship or Business !

Training is a two way process.
I am willing to learn as a trainer. I am willing to share all I know .

Training is a dynamic, two-way process; it should always be a ..... rather than a speech or presentation.

Which of these will define a training?

4. travelogue
I consider all these as we are merging roles from time to time depending on the need.As long as it is done with full commitment and right intentions and values it is beneficial to all
I look upon training as an empowerment. It is a platform that helps people empower themselves with the most conducive tools and environment.

In this case, training could be seen or view as an edupreneurship. This is all about producing or building learning ability which brings about driving change and reformation. Once this is taking into consideration,
It becomes a driving force that enhances or builds up teachers' practice and students' learning in the classroom.
From my own perspective, Dialogue define a training. It’s liken to a forum that brings participants from different areas or sections of a community and provides or creates the opportunity for exchanging information and perspectives, clarifying viewpoints, and developing solutions to issues of interest to the community.

If we say its a job, then we are just completing the task in hand & getting our dues, but is their interest, passion , dedication in what we do ?

If we see as Edupreneurship then 2 things connect together - providing education & running an organisation.

If we see it as business then alongwith education, interest, passion dedication comes an urge to earn & convert ideas into cash.
Is it wrong to think Education as Business if its satisfies the customers need, helps the society at large , builds the nation & runs families too !!

A thought to ponder !!!



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Bandana Surana

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