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Broom destroys bad or negative energy entering the house. So keep in mind that…
1 . Keeping a broom in an open place is considered inauspicious, so keep it hidden.
2 . Do not keep a broom in the dining room, as it can quickly end the grain of the house. Also, you may have to face health problems.
3 . If you keep a broom outside your house in front of the door every night at night, then negative energy does not enter the house. This work should be done only at night. Keep the broom hidden during the day.

Do these measures while wiping the house

Whenever you wipe the house, then a little salt should also be mixed in the water. Wiping with water mixed with salt will destroy the microscopic germs of the floor. Also, the negative energy of the house will also be eliminated.

Omens related to broom

  1. If a child is sweeping the house suddenly, then it should be understood that unwanted guests are going to come to the house.
    2. After sunset, a broom should not be used in the house even by mistake. It is considered inauspicious to do so.
    3. One should never set foot on the broom by mistake. When this happens, Lakshmi gets angry. This is bad luck.

Special things related to wipes

1. By mopping the house regularly, Lakshmi starts living in your house.
2. It is an old belief that do not wipe the house on Thursday, by doing this Lakshmi gets angry. The rest of the days should be wiped.
3. Mixing five spoons of plain sea salt in the wiping water gives positive effect quickly. This can reduce negative energy.

Some other omens related to broom

1. Never kill a cow or other animal with a broom. It is considered bad omen.
2 . If any member has left the house for any particular work, then immediately after his departure, the broom should not be used in the house. By doing so, that person may have to face failure.
3. The broom should never be kept vertically. It is considered bad omen.
4. Whenever we enter a new house, at that time we should go inside the house with a new broom. This is considered auspicious. With this, there will be happiness, prosperity and blessings in the new house.
5. Always keep in mind that the broom should not be removed at the time of sunset. This is bad luck.
Do these remedies to get the blessings of Mahalakshmi
To get the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi, keep three brooms in any temple around the house. This is a tradition going on from time immemorial. In the olden times, people often donated brooms in temples.



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